I am Arthur Douglas Armstrong II , I have been a Massage Therapist for 22 years. My original training in college started with Pre-Physical Therapy but I switched to a Personal Training/Commercial fitness degree to emphasize more proactive health management.

               I’ve spent most of my career in the Luxury Spa world starting off with my own business and working for Health Spa Napa Valley, then Calistoga Ranch for 14 years.  Recently I underwent a re-Certification process through NHI (National Holistic Institute) to refresh and update my knowledge and add many more useful therapeutic tools to my professional toolbelt. Over 22 years I’ve accumulated just over 2000 hours of trainings and certifications Including; traditional Swedish, Deep tissue, Shiatsu, MFT (Myofascial Technique), Trigger point work, Stone Massage, Reflexology, Tense and Release(PNF)Stretching, and NeuroMuscular Massage. As an added benefit, my credentials allow me to share and educate my clients with what I have been taught about human health.

Deep Tissue and Stretching combined with hydrotherapy techniques are my most favored techniques; Using hot towels and hot and cold stones has been a very effective way for me to address numerous problems with my clients. I've also found the use of cupping and electrical stimulation devices to be very effective in releasing some very deeply locked muscle structures and fascia.

I have a business license in Napa county and collaborate with a colleagues in both Napa County and Santa Rosa.

I love learning so I spend a lot of time looking things up and discovering new ideas and possibilities. I prefer to look for ways to solve problems, So to me anything and everything I see stimulates my imagination and I just ask how can this be used to make things better, including myself.

My Trainings Include:
LifeStream Massage School, Napa CA, 170 hours
Oregon School of Massage, Portland OR, 400+ hours
National Holistic Institute, Santa Rosa CA & Emeryville CA, 1250hours
Deep Tissue
Swedish Massage
Assisted Stretching
Seated Chair Massage
Basic Reiki
Body Rock Massage
Prenatal Massage (Cushion and SideLying)
Myofascial Technique
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
Neuromuscular Massage
Orthopedic Tests
Range Of Motion(ROM) Tests

As I continue to develop this website and my business, I will continue to add more services and information that I hope will enrich and educate; providing knowledge that will help everyone with maintaining healthier more stable lives.

I look forward to providing my services and working along side my colleagues at Vibe Salon.

To our health!

Douglas Armstrong, CMT, NMT

CAMTC #77022


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